Funding Opportunities Study with us and benefit from various funding schemes!

What are funding schemes?

Receiving financial support could help you achieve your dreams!

Funding schemes are types of reimbursements offered by various public bodies to support students financially throughout their academic journey.

There are various financial support options available to help fund your studies in Malta including course fee refunds, training grants, scholarships, and additional financial support.

What types are there?

Our students can benefit from various funding opportunities:

Refunded fees (eg. Get Qualified Scheme)

Training grants (eg. Training Pays Scheme)

Company grants (eg. Investing in Skills Scheme)

Who are they for?

There are various factors that determine what type of funding one could get. These include:


Type of programme enrolled in

Whether you're applying as an individual or as a company

How do I register?

Funding schemes need to be applied for separately, but we're more than happy to assist you with your application!

Since funding schemes are offered by third-party bodies, students will need to apply for them separately via the Scheme provider's website.

Applying separately does not mean that we can't help. We're more than happy to assist you with your application process!

Get up to 70% of your course fee back.

Invest in skills with an employer grant.

Get Qualified Scheme

Governed by the Malta Enterprise, this scheme gives the student up to 70% of the total fees paid for the course in tax credits. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.  

Training Pays Scheme

The scheme offers assistance in the form of a training grant to aid participants with costs relating to training. This grant will be awarded to the individual (trainee) after successful completion of their training. Eligible learners who fulfill a set list of criteria can benefit from a 75% rebate on direct training costs.